The Deal with Teal

Following on from my previous post and the reinvention of the dining area I thought id show you all the update on my upcycled dining room table, I wanted to introduce lots of different colours into this room, its the area where all the kiddies congregate (I think mainly because its right next to the kitchen.. so easily accessible to the cookie jar!)but for this reason I want it to be a little more fun and less grown up than than the main living room. Teal is cheerful yet calming and with the white walls as a background it really stands out, its also a far more practical colour than the white I had originally painted the legs, spills and splatters will obviously still be cleaned off, but at least the colour will temporarily disguise the madness that is dinner time.  

The shade I went for is Teal by Rustol-eum, great coverage and a very true reflection of the colour on the tin, the colour is quite sharp and is enhanced when you apply clear furniture finishing wax over the top, again by Rust-oleum. This room is still a work in progress and one project i’ve got going on right now is a Danish coffee table, which is a bit of an upcycle nightmare, with years of sticky red varnish that is clinging on for dear life its really testing me!

However i’ll soldier on and post a before and after update soon

Kelly x

Upcycled Danish Retro Drawers

Good morning all, a little update on what ive been upto this week, Ive been upcycling my little heart out! We, or should I say ‘I’ have become a little bored of our dining/living room area so ive decided to freshen it up and change pretty much everything about it. Ive always loved retro furniture, particularly Danish designed pieces, I managed to pick up some preloved mid century drawers for the knock out price of £30! The shape and style was exactly what I was after and after some searching I found this lovely set

Unless you’ve been living on the moon you’ve probably noticed that pale pink or blush is everywhere at the minute, Ive always been about pink and its pretty handy that I can go into most shops and get my pink hit if I want it, cushions, blankets, ceramics and even furniture, while trinkets and cushions etc are reasonably affordable, furniture is comparably not! So I did what I always do when I hit the ‘Jesus im not paying that’ wall…I try and create my own version. I was so lucky, they were in amazing condition and had only one lady owner, who clearly took really good care of them, I knew I wanted pale pink with gold handles but I didn’t want to spend too much on paint and go too deep into the budget, I am usually a Farrow and Ball paint kinda girl, but I thought id try a new brand and save some pennys ….and folks its amazing, super fast drying time and outstanding coverage, I only had to apply 2 coats, whats great also is that it was only £17.00 for the tin, I went with Rusto-leum Pink Champagne Satin Furniture paint and finished with Rusto-leum Clear Finishing Wax if you love upcycling I definately recommend this product.

The handles were tricky, as they couldn’t be removed without damaging the drawers, so I had to hand paint them very carefully with gold metallic paint, I used masking tape 10cm up each leg and again went in with the gold to create that dipped leg effect, I think the finished piece is really striking and im so glad I took the time to create it, its my little slice of the fifties and I love it ♥

Ive lots of other projects in the works and will be updating the blog as and when there completed, we are currently getting the dining/living area emptied for all the new furniture and decoration so I hope to be showing you all the new look soon

Kelly x

Living Room Makeover

So ive been busy! My husband finally cracked and let me into ‘his room’ and to top it off he let me make all the decisions, its been fun! This room used to have a big bulky brown leather sofa in it which i disliked immensely, however my hubby said it was comfy so for a while it became untouchable.

PIXERSIZE Boys Room Makeover

So here it is, my boys bedroom makeover, the boys are age 6 and 2, so creating a space that wasn’t too baby themed and at the same time not to grown up was a little tricky and took a little more planning in order to please both boys, I wanted the room to have a Scandinavian feel, I went with a base of white with pops of grey but the room needed a wow feature, my wow came in the form of birch trees which was provided by PIXERSIZE.

The material is known as PIXERStick, the peel and stick will stick to any flat surface, its incredibly durable and resistant to tearing and creasing. It took around half an hour to put the PIXERStick up and to transform a bare wall in such a small amount of time is amazing, it’s easy to apply and regardless of how many times you lift it from the wall and place it back, the ‘Stickiness’ remains the same.

Another great thing about the sticker is that if you’re the type of person who likes to redecorate often…. like me! Then removing the PIXERStick is just as easy as putting it up, you simply peel it off, it will not damage the wall or leave residue behind. My least favourite thing to do is scraping old wallpaper off walls, so for me this is a huge time saver and overall less stressful way to decorate. Say that you decide…you’d like to place the PIXERStick in another location in your home, no problem, the sticker will maintain its adherence and stick just as successfully elsewhere.

The wall measured 3 metres wide and over 3 metres tall, the PIXERStick was delivered in 3 pieces, each piece is numbered and a picture of the sticker is included to help you when fitting, super easy!

To compliment the birch trees, a falling leaf PIXERStick was used on the window, unfortunately the boy’s bedroom doesn’t have the best view, it looks out onto the back of our neighbours houses and looking at these leaves is a far better pleasing alternative, PIXERStick can be used on windows, walls, drawers, glass, laptops a fridge even! pretty much anything with a flat surface and whatever your imagination can dream up, the amount of designs that PIXERSIZE stock is staggering an incredible 30 million to choose from! Cleaning is simple, just wipe over gently with a microfibre cloth. Even though I was working with a room that is very small, the addition of the birch trees has enhanced the space and made it seem larger to the eye, the illusion of the birch trees has added depth and both my boys truly love it! So regardless of the size of your space or project, PIXERSIZE can definately help you create your dream space ♥

Christmas Table Favour Box



I do this every year, its just a little something extra for the family to enjoy alongside the Christmas Crackers..which lets face it don’t always give the most imaginative of treats do they, for some reason eyebrow tweezers, mini sewing kits and nail clippers just don’t do it for my kids. They pretty much pull the Crackers 1. for the bang and 2. for the paper hat.

Christmas at the Haworths


Its safe to say that Christmas has most definately landed in the Haworth household, ive gone a little fairy light crazy this year, there’s something so magical about twinkling lights at Christmas time and despite the beep words that came out of my hubby’s mouth while he was hanging them,I assure you.. he agrees too! I bought all of my lights of ebay, they are all on translucent wire and glow a warm white, I always go with warm white, its a much softer glow and  kinda emulates the flicker of a candle, the bright white option, for me can be a little blinding and honestly gives me a headache after a while so I tend to steer clear of them.


This is my hallway, as you can see its long and narrow and provides very little space for an all out Christmas explosion, however my house is blessed with high ceilings, so I thought why not make the most of them, I started with the idea of large floating stars and then because I am never quite comfortable with the less is more ideal, I thought sod it, I need some stardust! So I bought some Icicle lights, when it came to putting it all together, I used fishing wire, that stuff is remarkably strong and nearly invisible to the eye, which is perfect for when your trying to create the impression of floating. The Stars went up first, fishing wire was hung from the ceiling and tied onto each one, if you don’t want to put holes in your wall, then the best thing to use is command hooks they are very strong and leave your walls damage free. Next up, I fixed fishing wire in a zig zag fashion from wall to wall weaving in between the stars, when the wire was in place, I just draped the lights on it. It took around an hour to finish but I think the effect is really beautiful and I’ll definately be doing it again next year.


Still on the hallway, a gal cant have too many trees! My hubby came home and said ‘Kel, they’ve got some Nordic Inspired trees in Tesco’…he actually said Nordic Inspired,Ha.. I love that, my interior obsession is finally breaking through to my bearded, petrol Junkie gent! I knew id get there in the end, I just needed time folks ;o) Moving on, this snow covered tree was just £15.00 and with a few of my own decorations, it brightens up this small space a treat. the Silver tree is from DotComGiftShop


My tree is the heart of the house right now, I cant wait to have my babies sat around this on Christmas Morning, my colour of choice is always red, white and silver at Christmas, its very traditional and that’s how I like it, One year I did try to spread my wings and decorate with purple and silver, but I just couldn’t get along with it and swiftly changed it back.


The ski boots were upcycled by me, find the post here .The wooden sleigh I bought off Amazon, Christmas isn’t Christmas without a sleigh is it?


I went with white glitter reindeer paper this year which you can buy from Tescos, the ribbon is from Home Bargains, my cute little Rocking Horse is from Dotcomgiftshop .


As a final touch to our main living area, I added a fairy light curtain to our patio doors, it feels so cosy and warm in their at night time now, so much so I can barely keep my eyes open, twinkly lights, fire and a Christmas tree its a sure cure for insomnia!

Id like to say im finished with my Christmas decorating but that would be a lie, I find it very hard to walk past the Christmas Isle and not bring something home, I havnt inherited the nick name Mama Claus for nothing!

Ill be showing you all my plans for my Christmas Table Setting soon, so look out for that x




Christmas Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons


Super easy family favourite, I love hot chocolate but I love it even more with a dipping spoon and my kiddies agree with me. Takes no time at all, you’ll need white chocolate chips and a couple of bars of good quality chocolate, heres how you do it

How to make a Childrens Bench from a Coffee Table



Ive been pretty busy this week, I decided to update the landing area of our home, the bedrooms in my Victorian house were pretty generous in size when we bought it, but as we wanted a large family our 3 bedroom house eventually became a 4 bedroom, which meant one of the larger bedrooms ultimately was turned in to 2 and bedroom size obviously suffered, so I have to make the most of any spare space, as always im pretty budget conscious and when possible I like to re purpose old unused furniture into something useful. I wanted an area for my boys to hang up their dressing gowns and keep their slippers, however there just wasn’t the space for it in their room.

Natyshas Vintage Home Friday Feature


So its Friday again, which means, time to throw some spotlight on a fabulous Instagram account. This week its Natyshas Vintage Home, this talented lady devotes her time to all things Handmade and as you can tell, she does Christmas very well! Above are examples of her personalised hand painted wood slice decorations and personalised photograph decorations, they would be a wonderful addition to any tree and would also make great gifts too.

The Rug House


This landscape of loveliness is the new addition to our home its from the fab people over at Rug House, I am an absolute sucker for a shaggy rug, the texture and pile adds a certain warmth to a room, it makes you want to lie on it in front of the fire…which in fact I have, its very comfortable. But first it must pass the toes test!