Amara Interior Blog Awards

Morning everyone, feeling a little unwell today, I have a nasty head cold that just wont quit! However I really do not care, because…guess what arrived on my door mat, My invitation to the Amara Awards in London!


Because all you lovely lot voted and got me into the top 5 for my category, I get to spend the evening with some amazing, inspiring people, I get to shed my mummy uniform(jeans, flats and a comfortable top) and dress up. When I found out I was nominated all I wanted was to be in that top 5, I didn’t think I would be, but I thought wouldn’t it be nice if I was. I love my Blog, its almost my personal diary, I get excited about every new post and im constantly thinking about the next one, it makes me happy.

On the day the shortlists were to be announced, we were told that the results would be live on their website at 12, so at 11.55am I was sat at my laptop with my baby on my lap watching the time tick, I was filled with nerves but also with excitement at the unlikely possibility that I would see my name. The only problem was I couldn’t get on the website, for some reason the page wouldn’t load aarrgh, so im clicking and refreshing the page like crazy and nothing. Then PING! My phone made a familiar sound, informing me I had a message and right there in the Subject box was CONGRATULATIONS YOU’VE BEEN SHORTLISTED. At that moment without any warning I burst into tears, jumped up with my baby still in my arms showing him my phone saying ‘look Leo,look what mummy got’ My boy is 2 and didn’t have the first clue what I was so excited about , but whatever it was he was happy to be excited too and he threw his arms up and said  ‘yey mama’ . At that moment I suddenly realised just how much it meant to me and right then it really wasn’t about winning, im not gonna lie, im only human so winning would be amazing, but it wasn’t what I was thinking about, I was thinking wow, people I don’t even know have taken the time out of their busy lives and voted for a stranger, just words and pictures on a screen have urged people to show kindness to me without expecting anything in return…and it blew me away, I cried again.

The next few hours were about calling everyone I love and telling them my good news, getting on Instagram letting everyone know just how happy and thankful I was, whatever happens next month at the awards, win or lose, it will never be as important to me as the support ive received from you lovely people. So from the bottom of my heart, thankyou, you’ve made me happier than you will ever know.

Sending Love


Raleigh Spirit Review


I have wanted an Old Retro Style bike for as long as I can remember and just 3 days ago this beauty arrived, ive been out on it every day since, its been many years since I have rode a bike, so for the first few minutes lets just say I was a little wobbly, much to the amusement of my hubby! But its true what they say, you really never do forget how to ride a bike, my first trip out was so much fun, I found the longest steepest hill and glided down like a pro, the wind on my face reminded me why id always loved it so much as a kid, it brings a kind of freedom and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The basket…I love it, I rode to the shop and bought a few groceries, Ill be honest at that time I really didn’t need anything from the shop, but I couldn’t wait to put something in that basket. It also has a little bell, ive not really “needed” to use it, there’s not been any oncoming traffic that ive needed to inform of my presence, however it has the sweetest chime and its fun to ring it, again to the amusement of my hubby! So that age age old question, Is a bell really necessary on a bike? I would have to say yes, yes it is! My mum who hasn’t rode a bike in 40 years kidnapped it and went on a quick ride, she couldn’t resist having a go, smiling and declaring ‘god that brought back memories’. And that’s the thing isnt it, this style of bike does evoke memories for some people, its classic design takes people back and reminds them of their old bikes and all the fun they used to have on them.

The Curious Department

whitespiro3The life of a Butterfly is sadly a short one and though in life they grace us with their presence for only a short while The Curious Department, an Independent Interiors Brand and studio in London, find a way to preserve their beauty for ever more .The Curious Departments latest collection Metamorphosis showcases their fascination with Nature, the founders Chris and Ross design and produce limited edition art prints, hand crafted taxidermy Butterflies, fine bone china and decorative home accessories. The passion and dedication they both have for their brand is truly evident in the distinctive quality of their designs.The Butterfly above is a Purple Spotted Swallowtail and is only found in the Highlands of new Guinea, having something in my home that I would of likely otherwise never seen is pretty special. My kiddies are fascinated by it, so much so it prompted a little lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly…educational too!

Flower Dyeing


In my house Teapots are not just for tea, ain’t it pretty! I thought id try my hand at dyeing some flowers, its a really simple process, all you need is food colouring and patience.

Real Life Fairytale Houses


Fairytales, magic, princesses and fairies is what most little girls love and not just little girls, grown women with 4 children do too…ahem. When I was small I loved to get lost in fairytales ,but as much as I loved the stories I loved the houses and Castles too, who wouldn’t want to live in the 7 Dwarfs cottage! As we all know it was the imagination of many a gifted illustrator who created these magical abodes and surely they don’t really exist, do they? As it turns out, yes they do! Ive found the daydreamers alternative to the fairytale versions we all know and love.

Victorian Hallway Makeover




I Love me a makeover! If I was to describe my home in one word I would say it was Cheery. All the white walls and pops of colour lift my spirit and make me smile, I want to live in a home where sad cant survive which is why I surround myself with as much colour and light as possible, Everybody needs a happy place don’t they?

Edible Food Colour Art


So we’ve been painting bread! that’s a sentence I thought id never say. Its perhaps the most ridiculous thing ive done with the kids, but we giggled the whole time we were doing it, believe me its so much fun! I can only imagine what the teacher will say to the kids when they start back at school “So children, did you do anything fun in your summer break? “Yes we went camping, went to the playground,Rode ponies, painted bread!

Easy Watercolour Blotch Art


So I thought id take a shot at doing some homemade blotch art, Its really easy, takes no time at all and each piece only took around five minutes to complete…oh and the great news! You don’t have to be a skilled artist in order to do it, Art ive learned dosnt need to be super intricate and technical, sometimes just the meeting of colours in an accidental way can become something unique and beautiful.

Styling Your Kitchen Shelves


You gotta love a shelfie! The above picture is of the open shelves I have in my kitchen, the first thing I decided when I started the makeover on my kitchen was which colours would I like to see in there? that was easy, i’m a pastel kinda girl so pinks, blues and pale green was top of the list with pops of red and of course polkadots, I cant lie polkadots make me happy!

I wanted my kitchen to have a sense of fun and be a place where I could cook and bake with the kids and dance away to the radio. I have figured out while renovating our house that I actually need colour around me, I’ve noticed that when I’m in dark surroundings I feel very uncomfortable, but put me in a light bright environment and my mood completely changes, my favourite colour is Pink ( I know,big shock right?) I read up a little on this and I came across something called Colour Psychology and did you know that studies have shown that Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies and alleviates anger and anxiety…..true story! If there was ever a reason to go Pink then that should be it!

The Fine Cotton Company

BeFunky Collage 23

Sometimes the little details make all the difference when you start designing a room, when my bathroom was finished I struggled to find any Towels I liked, I wanted something different from the norm and something that reflected my style, these gorgeous Star Towels are made exclusively for The Fine Cotton Company, they are unique, fun and very good quality and as you can see my favourite colours!