How To Make A Birdcage Lamp

You may have seen versions of this all over the internet, they are incredibly beautiful but also incredibly expensive, I saw one that was £500 just for the shade…WOW! So what I decided to do was, feed the kids this month and make my own ;o)

My VQ MK II Emma Bridgewater Radio £50 off Promotion

Hands up, who’s excited for the Chelsea Flower Show! I watch it every year and I get so inspired by all the garden designs, I love gardening, I love getting my hands dirty and I love all the sounds that being in the garden brings too, the birds, bees, the occasional lawn mower in the garden of a house a few streets away, kids playing in paddling pools..the ice cream van! And not forgetting music

How Do You Keep Your House Clean With Kids ?

On Instagram I get asked this question a lot “how do you keep your house so clean with kids” The answer is..wet wipes, a bucket of white paint and a prayer. Now to give you an idea of what im faced with daily im gonna work with percentages 85% of the time my kids are amazing, well mannered, well behaved children, 15% of the time they are just plain Wild and im not even exaggerating

Upcycled Plant Stand

Under my stairs is a treasure trove of furniture, that have yet to be re purposed into something else, all preloved pieces that I have been gifted off family/friends or items that I got for a knock out price, although I may not have a use for them at the time, I store them away until I can find a spot for them or have an idea to shape them into something else. I swear I am not a hoarder! my hubby wouldn’t have it. On a recent trip to ikea I bought this very striking Urn plant or Aechmea fasciata…little bit of latin thrown in there ;o)

My Girls Bedroom Makeover

After my daughter saw the new wallpaper in Mummy and Daddys room she quickly decided that she would like some gold in her bedroom too and that it should be Polkadots! So yet again im breaking my no wallpaper rule, I had a search and found this fab Gold Polkadot design made by Graham and Brown, my daughter loves it and so do I. You can purchase it from Debenhams, much like the Geometric wallpaper in my bedroom it has a lovely sheen to it and kinda sparkles when the sunlight hits it. After I put the wallpaper up, I thought why stop there! So I sat down with Belle and asked her what art she would like in her room, she answered Baby Animals…We went online to one of my favourite websites Desenio and Picked out the cutest baby animals we could find and this is what we come up with.

DIY Memo Board

Hugely popular right now are wire memo boards, but they are also quite expensive, I couldn’t justify spending £50.00 on what is ultimately a sheet of wire mesh, so I decided to have a crack at making my own, I popped to B & Q and bought this for £9.91

Loft Bedroom Update with Graham & Brown Geometric Wallpaper

Here is a sneak peek at what ive been upto, I absolutely fell in love with this gold geometric wallpaper by Graham and Brown which I bought from  Next, I dont generally do wallpaper because my home is constantly evolving and stripping paper of walls is such a hassle, however I had to buy it, the design is so eye catching and the gold lines have a slight sheen to them so when daylight floods the room the paper really comes alive..truly beautiful!

Ikea Hack Dressing Table

Ive been at it again!! I really cant stop myself ♥ My new dressing table actually started life as a fairly large Ikea black desk, I particularly liked this project 1. Because the desk was a freebie which was offered on a social media site and being the quick clicker I am, I managed to be the first one to comment 2. I got to use my Pink Paint again from Rust-oleum(pink champagne) and lastly 3. I finally have my own spot to pamper myself should I have the energy or time to.

I know you guys love a before and after, so here is what my dressing table looked like originally

Styling A Gallery Wall


I dont think there’s a wrong way to do a gallery wall, its pretty much just a collection of what you love placed together to create a feature, the wackier the better in my eyes, I wanted pops of colour and most of all fun, if a flamingo a pineapple, and a toucan hanging out together isn’t fun then I dont know what is…? Gallery walls don’t have to be restricted to just pictures, you can add far more interest by adding ornaments, plants, books, sculptures whatever, by putting up some ledges or shelves amongst your pictures you add depth and interest and it automatically draws the eye.

Upcycled Retro Danish Coffee Table

As promised here is my latest project, it took a lot of time and elbow grease to turn this table around, it had years and years of reddish varnish layered on, my good old electric sander failed at the task and just resulted in a sticky mess, so we resorted to the heat gun, I say we, but in truth my hubby tackled it, for some reason he didn’t trust me to do it, because apparently I lack patience and 3rd degree burns are not an attractive look!