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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Summer House Inspiration


I don’t have the space at home for a Summer House but that doesn’t stop me from swooning over those that do. There’s something very special about these outdoor havens, whether its a spot to have a glass of wine, a cup of tea, to read, write, play or just a place where you can look out onto your garden and relax, they’re an essential part of many peoples outdoor spaces and you can certainly see why. Through my Instagram I have come across some amazing and Inspiring accounts, four of which have kindly allowed me to share with you their Summer Houses.

7 Ideas For A Walled Garden


I love a garden with Walls! I dont know what it is, maybe its the feeling of privacy, maybe its because walls give the illusion that its another room, or maybe and this is what im leaning towards that you can decorate those walls however you like..add shelves,hanging baskets, mirrors,vertical gardens, birdhouses,fireplaces, art! The possibilities are endless.

Upcycled Washstand


I had always wanted a twin sink unit in the bathroom but there was nothing out there that I fancied, one option would have been to have a good quality bespoke unit made, but not really in my Budget..So I had to get a little Inventive.

Repurposed Furniture


Now this is something I do a lot of, I love giving something, unused, unloved, or broken a new lease of life and new its fun! I hate to throw anything away so I always try and find an alternative use for something that has ultimately just lost its sparkle!

How to make Patterned Candles

edited candle 1

Hello friends! How pretty are patterned candles ?

This is one that I made, im going to do a quickie picture tutorial and show you lovely lot how you can make your own.

Creating an Alcove Office


I would love to have my own room for a desk, somewhere I can escape and blog to my hearts content, however I am morphing slowly into the old women who lived in a shoe,had so many children, well you know the rest! So I commandeered an alcove, its now my alcove and I get to make this 2 sq metre vast space into something pretty and functional. Where to start…well the basics first, Desk, Chair and Shelves.

Super Easy Crate Table


Good morning everyone,I thought id show you the Crate Table/Plant Stand I made for the bathroom and how I did it.

Kitchen Before and After



Around this time last year, we started on our Kitchen makeover, I had waited a long time for my pretty kitchen and when the time came to finally get started ..I was beyond happy!  Below are the different stages and how we did it.

Wire Mannequin Planter Tutorial

This is our Pink Lady, aint she pretty!


I thought id write a short tuturial detailing how I gave her a pretty pink skirt.

Homemade Emma Bridgewater Tiles

Today im going to run through how I made the tiles for our feature fireplace in our Bathroom, its really easy and so much fun! If any of you lovely lot decide to give it a go id love to see your creations, tag me via my Instagram

Bathroom Before and After

I was so excited to finally get stuck in to the bathroom renovation, like always I had my little pad full of ideas on what we wanted versus what we could afford.Our budget was only £1300 and I was determined to get my dream bathroom out of it.

Victorian Terrace Garden Makeover


When we bought our home I was a little put out when I saw the size of the back garden which is 28.5 sq metres (306 sq ft) as I had always wanted a huge garden but I loved the house so I decided that id have to get a little inventive with our outdoor space to make it work for us.

Above is how our garden looks now