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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Styling Your Kitchen Shelves


You gotta love a shelfie! The above picture is of the open shelves I have in my kitchen, the first thing I decided when I started the makeover on my kitchen was which colours would I like to see in there? that was easy, i’m a pastel kinda girl so pinks, blues and pale green was top of the list with pops of red and of course polkadots, I cant lie polkadots make me happy!

I wanted my kitchen to have a sense of fun and be a place where I could cook and bake with the kids and dance away to the radio. I have figured out while renovating our house that I actually need colour around me, I’ve noticed that when I’m in dark surroundings I feel very uncomfortable, but put me in a light bright environment and my mood completely changes, my favourite colour is Pink ( I know,big shock right?) I read up a little on this and I came across something called Colour Psychology and did you know that studies have shown that Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies and alleviates anger and anxiety…..true story! If there was ever a reason to go Pink then that should be it!

The Fine Cotton Company

BeFunky Collage 23

Sometimes the little details make all the difference when you start designing a room, when my bathroom was finished I struggled to find any Towels I liked, I wanted something different from the norm and something that reflected my style, these gorgeous Star Towels are made exclusively for The Fine Cotton Company, they are unique, fun and very good quality and as you can see my favourite colours!

Lamp Shade Garland Lights


Ah the summer holidays when every parent has to master the ability to keep their children entertained from the minute they open their eyes till the moment they go to sleep, failing to do so will most certainly result in the 2 words which every parent dreads to hear ‘I’m Bored’ and they will continue to repeat it until you, the parent, does something about it. At these times of despair, I turn to the craft box and desperately try to think of a fun project to keep my little angels amused. Above was today’s project, my daughter calls it the Pom Pom Light shade Garland.

Modern Gardens Feature


Morning guys

This happened this month, my little garden was featured in Modern Gardens magazine, it put a huge smile on a very tired mummy’s face. I love this Magazine (not only because I was featured in it) but because its great for all, whether your a professional or novice gardener its packed with achievable ways to make your outdoor space beautiful. I especially loved the Laid- back Garden Glamping feature, as you know I’m a little Glamping obsessed of late and I got some great fun ideas out of it, i’m definately trying the floral washing line.

Glamper or Camper ?


When it comes to camping I believe there is 2 types of people, My husband is definately a camper hes the type of person who would happily throw a sleeping bag a tiny pop up tent, tin opener and a gas can stove into a rucksack and be perfectly happy. I am the complete opposite I like sheets not sleeping bags, I like big tents with plenty of room, I like proper beds with a mattress, I like my tent to feel homely and cosy, so I guess im a glamper, my hubby laughed and said ‘were supposed to be roughing it’ and hes right, my version of roughing it is very different to his, but that doesn’t make it wrong, what ever floats your boat as they say!