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Monthly Archives: October 2016

How to Upholster a Chair

img_20161016_1511251When I told people what my next project would be, my lovely family and friends look shocked…I got, Are you crazy? But your not an upholsterer Kel? What if you mess it up? Do you know how hard upholstery is? It seems upholstery is the untouchable of the furnishing world, maybe my loved ones had a point? So I rang around to get some quotes from professionals and the quotes made my mind up for me, I was looking at £300 upwards. Now these people really do know what their doing and I don’t doubt at all that their mad skills are worth every penny of that £300, but I didn’t want to pay that much for something, that I could likely do myself, all I had to do was learn. So first port of call YOU TUBE, I watched many many tutorials and I found one in particular that I found really useful How to upholster a wing back chair , because of that video I figured out what supplies id need and the tricks of the trade that would hopefully allow me to make a beautiful chair.

Christmas Ice Skates Decoration


How fun are these,I had sooo much of a good time decorating these, I had to use polkadots… everything is better with polkadots. These boots would be great hung on a mirror, fireplace even a front door.

They originally looked like this


Surprise Inside Christmas Jar


So this Jar hides a little secret, apart from the obvious Skittles!..This is a cute idea for them times at Christmas when you have no idea what to get your teenage Niece or Nephew, or you have Secret Santa at work, maybe you want to send a little gift to the teacher at your kiddies school or you simply want to give someone a little something without spending too much money and hey they get the added bonus of some sweets too.

Tunnocks Tea Cake Christmas Pudding


Ok, I said it, The C word, yes I know its only October, but im a bit of a Christmas Nut and I always start my preparations super early, I start morphing into Mama Claus about this time and eagerly await the end of November when its generally understood that its ok to start talking obsessively about it. And hey its only 80 sleeps till the big man arrives!

So ive been making Christmas pudding lookalikies, super easy and no baking involved.