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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Christmas Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons


Super easy family favourite, I love hot chocolate but I love it even more with a dipping spoon and my kiddies agree with me. Takes no time at all, you’ll need white chocolate chips and a couple of bars of good quality chocolate, heres how you do it

How to make a Childrens Bench from a Coffee Table



Ive been pretty busy this week, I decided to update the landing area of our home, the bedrooms in my Victorian house were pretty generous in size when we bought it, but as we wanted a large family our 3 bedroom house eventually became a 4 bedroom, which meant one of the larger bedrooms ultimately was turned in to 2 and bedroom size obviously suffered, so I have to make the most of any spare space, as always im pretty budget conscious and when possible I like to re purpose old unused furniture into something useful. I wanted an area for my boys to hang up their dressing gowns and keep their slippers, however there just wasn’t the space for it in their room.

The Rug House


This landscape of loveliness is the new addition to our home its from the fab people over at Rug House, I am an absolute sucker for a shaggy rug, the texture and pile adds a certain warmth to a room, it makes you want to lie on it in front of the fire…which in fact I have, its very comfortable. But first it must pass the toes test!

Christmas Mantel Pelmet


I wanted to make something that was a little different from the traditional garland we all use to decorate our fireplaces, I have decorated my mantel with the same holly berry garland for the past 7 years and well, I fancied a change. So I came up with this, Its colourful, eye catching and relatively simple to make, heres how I did it;