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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Ikea Hack Dressing Table

Ive been at it again!! I really cant stop myself ♥ My new dressing table actually started life as a fairly large Ikea black desk, I particularly liked this project 1. Because the desk was a freebie which was offered on a social media site and being the quick clicker I am, I managed to be the first one to comment 2. I got to use my Pink Paint again from Rust-oleum(pink champagne) and lastly 3. I finally have my own spot to pamper myself should I have the energy or time to.

I know you guys love a before and after, so here is what my dressing table looked like originally

Styling A Gallery Wall


I dont think there’s a wrong way to do a gallery wall, its pretty much just a collection of what you love placed together to create a feature, the wackier the better in my eyes, I wanted pops of colour and most of all fun, if a flamingo a pineapple, and a toucan hanging out together isn’t fun then I dont know what is…? Gallery walls don’t have to be restricted to just pictures, you can add far more interest by adding ornaments, plants, books, sculptures whatever, by putting up some ledges or shelves amongst your pictures you add depth and interest and it automatically draws the eye.

Upcycled Retro Danish Coffee Table

As promised here is my latest project, it took a lot of time and elbow grease to turn this table around, it had years and years of reddish varnish layered on, my good old electric sander failed at the task and just resulted in a sticky mess, so we resorted to the heat gun, I say we, but in truth my hubby tackled it, for some reason he didn’t trust me to do it, because apparently I lack patience and 3rd degree burns are not an attractive look!