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Flower Dyeing


In my house Teapots are not just for tea, ain’t it pretty! I thought id try my hand at dyeing some flowers, its a really simple process, all you need is food colouring and patience.

Edible Food Colour Art


So we’ve been painting bread! that’s a sentence I thought id never say. Its perhaps the most ridiculous thing ive done with the kids, but we giggled the whole time we were doing it, believe me its so much fun! I can only imagine what the teacher will say to the kids when they start back at school “So children, did you do anything fun in your summer break? “Yes we went camping, went to the playground,Rode ponies, painted bread!

Easy Watercolour Blotch Art


So I thought id take a shot at doing some homemade blotch art, Its really easy, takes no time at all and each piece only took around five minutes to complete…oh and the great news! You don’t have to be a skilled artist in order to do it, Art ive learned dosnt need to be super intricate and technical, sometimes just the meeting of colours in an accidental way can become something unique and beautiful.

Lamp Shade Garland Lights


Ah the summer holidays when every parent has to master the ability to keep their children entertained from the minute they open their eyes till the moment they go to sleep, failing to do so will most certainly result in the 2 words which every parent dreads to hear ‘I’m Bored’ and they will continue to repeat it until you, the parent, does something about it. At these times of despair, I turn to the craft box and desperately try to think of a fun project to keep my little angels amused. Above was today’s project, my daughter calls it the Pom Pom Light shade Garland.