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Morlands Sheepskin Slippers


I love winter, I love the woolly hats, the scarfs, roaring fires, blankets and slippers!..I can hand on heart say that My Lea Sheep skin slippers from Morlands are the comfiest, cosiest slippers ive ever worn, they are lined with the finest sheepskin and feature a thick plush collar for extra warmth, they have a rubber durable sole perfect for all day wear. They have 13 different slipper styles for women and 7 styles for men, all of which are lined with sheepskin and crafted to the highest quality, which is to be expected from Morlands since they have been established since 1870.

My VQ Emma Bridgewater Wallflower Radio


You may have noticed by now, especially if your following me on Instagram. That I have a real love for Retro Styled Radios, I have them all over the house and the one above is my latest addition, Hello pretty!! This Emma Bridgewater Wallflower Retro Mini DAB radio is from and its fabulous, its got that old style Retro look that I love but has all the modern features you could possibly need out of a radio. The guys over at My VQ really know their stuff, they are passionate about sound and style and they stock many different styles of Retro radio’s and bluetooth speakers, make sure you pop over and have a nosy, you’ll be glad you did.