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Christmas Table Favour Box



I do this every year, its just a little something extra for the family to enjoy alongside the Christmas Crackers..which lets face it don’t always give the most imaginative of treats do they, for some reason eyebrow tweezers, mini sewing kits and nail clippers just don’t do it for my kids. They pretty much pull the Crackers 1. for the bang and 2. for the paper hat.

Christmas at the Haworths


Its safe to say that Christmas has most definately landed in the Haworth household, ive gone a little fairy light crazy this year, there’s something so magical about twinkling lights at Christmas time and despite the beep words that came out of my hubby’s mouth while he was hanging them,I assure you.. he agrees too! I bought all of my lights of ebay, they are all on translucent wire and glow a warm white, I always go with warm white, its a much softer glow and ¬†kinda emulates the flicker of a candle, the bright white option, for me can be a little blinding and honestly gives me a headache after a while so I tend to steer clear of them.

Christmas Hot Chocolate Dipping Spoons


Super easy family favourite, I love hot chocolate but I love it even more with a dipping spoon and my kiddies agree with me. Takes no time at all, you’ll need white chocolate chips and a couple of bars of good quality chocolate, heres how you do it

Christmas Mantel Pelmet


I wanted to make something that was a little different from the traditional garland we all use to decorate our fireplaces, I have decorated my mantel with the same holly berry garland for the past 7 years and well, I fancied a change. So I came up with this, Its colourful, eye catching and relatively simple to make, heres how I did it;

Christmas Ice Skates Decoration


How fun are these,I had sooo much of a good time decorating these, I had to use polkadots… everything is better with polkadots. These boots would be great hung on a mirror, fireplace even a front door.

They originally looked like this


Surprise Inside Christmas Jar


So this Jar hides a little secret, apart from the obvious Skittles!..This is a cute idea for them times at Christmas when you have no idea what to get your teenage Niece or Nephew, or you have Secret Santa at work, maybe you want to send a little gift to the teacher at your kiddies school or you simply want to give someone a little something without spending too much money and hey they get the added bonus of some sweets too.

Tunnocks Tea Cake Christmas Pudding


Ok, I said it, The C word, yes I know its only October, but im a bit of a Christmas Nut and I always start my preparations super early, I start morphing into Mama Claus about this time and eagerly await the end of November when its generally understood that its ok to start talking obsessively about it. And hey its only 80 sleeps till the big man arrives!

So ive been making Christmas pudding lookalikies, super easy and no baking involved.