Five tips to hire a professional cleaning service

Whether you are preparing your house to sell, of you, need an annual spring cleaning, or something on a regular basis, hiring a cleaning agency can facilitate this entire process.

However, bring someone into your home isn’t an easy decision and carries a lot of risks. That’s why you need a reputable company that will excel in this task. Many homeowners will say that hiring a cleaning lady under-the-table is cheaper, than contracting a company. But, are you ready to face the consequences?

So, before you consider a cleaning service, a house cleaning glendale has a couple of tips to share with you.

Get referral

Friends and family are the most trusted source of information, and the references they provide are 100% genuine. You can always search the company online, but companies can write anything. They can make themselves sound amazing, provide credentials and testimonials that sometimes can be false. So, are you ready to deal with that risk?

However, getting a referral from a friend or a family member can paint a different picture and carries more weight. For instance, your parents won’t lie about the poor cleaning service; they will tell you to avoid it and move on.

Read online reviews

Reviews can be a double edge sword, and what works for someone, doesn’t mean it will work for you. However, if some cleaning business has more than 80% of positive reviews., then you can trust their services. Also, you will find more negative than positive reviews online because customers want to share their experience and warn other people.

On the other hand, you should pay attention to a perfect score. There are numerous businesses out there who pay people to write positive reviews about them. It is best if you could find some balance can find a cleaning service that has consistent high scores.

Worker’s compensation, bonding, and insurance

What happens if a cleaning crew does some damage at your home, who will cover the costs? Or, want if someone gets injured on your property? If the company doesn’t have coverage, then you could be responsible for the injuries, or never compensated for the stolen items, money and property damage.

Experience and credentials

When hiring a cleaning service, pay attention to the cost of operating services. Do they charge more per hour, or per job? You should take precaution and protect yourself, after all, we live in a litigious world.

Experience and credentials

How much experience does company have? How long have they been in this industry? Do they have any awards of accomplishments?  Some people like to look out for this because it provides them an assurance that the service is legit and reputable.


Does the company you are planning to hire takes requests or offers fixed services? How detailed are they? Depending on your demands, make sure to ask what level of service do they provide. They might be able to make an exception or customize their services based on your needs.