Home With The Haworths

Around this time last year, we started on our Kitchen makeover, I had waited a long time for my pretty kitchen and when the time came to finally get started ..I was beyond happy!  Below are the different stages and how we did it.This is before, as you can see all the tiles are missing, my hubby had gone to work and took his tools with him and I’m certain that he would have thought ‘no tools=no wife dismantling the kitchen’….wrong! You’d be amazed how much DIY I can get done with determination a bread knife and a toffee hammer.


First up was getting rid of all the wood chip off the ceiling, let me tell you that stuff is the devil’s wall covering and it very nearly broke my spirit! I decided not to buy new kitchen cabinets but work with what I had, it was originally an Ikea kitchen, it was still in good shape I just didn’t like the colour or handles anymore, which for me is not a good enough reason to throw it out, plus the money I saved on doing it myself could go on pretty things…you see a method to the madness!!

So first up clean, clean, clean any grime will show up even after you’ve painted so preparation is key. I then sanded each piece, it’s not necessary to sand to bare wood you just want a little grip so the paint can stick to it. I used Wickes waterbased Undercoat, 2/3 coats, then Farrow and Ball Wimborne White estate eggshell for my final colour, 2 coats. I used a small roller instead of a brush, you get a much more even finish.


You really need to prepare for such an adventure as it takes a lot of work to take care of everything before I can start redecorating but the fact is that I absolutely love doing this so I don’t take it too hard to take off everything I need to do before I can go on with the real work. However, what I really do mind is all that necessary cleaning as such redecoration asks for such efforts.

Still, I know that it will give more than amazing results so I plan to work on my walls.For the walls I went with White Metro tiles, you can pick them up for as little as £0.18 per tile. The worktop needed replacing, my old one was speckled black…not pretty! I liked the idea of a chunky wood oak worktop but after reading some reviews I realized a real wood surface would not work with my family and I really didn’t want the upkeep. So I went for an Oak block laminate, its pretty inexpensive, mine was £75 for a 3-metre length.

I originally had dark grey slate floor tiles but what I wanted was pretty rose covered tiles, all I had to do was talk my hubby into it! So a few heavy home cooked meals and lots of persuasion…he finally caved. I don’t mind telling you the day the tiles arrived I did a little dance in front of the courier man, he looked at me like I had gone completely mad. Unfortunately, I believe the English Rose tiles that I have are now discontinued, but an alternative I’ve found which are just as delicious are Cath Kidston’s, Rose Sprig vinyl tiles.


The Ceramic sink was bought off Ebay for £90 which is much less than the big names were selling it for. The shelving unit for my cups was an eBay bargain at just £6.00, I painted it the same colour as the units. The large white shelves and wall cubes were from Ikea. The Microwave, Toaster, Kettle, Bunting and Blind were from Dunelm.All my cookware was from a variety of places, would be happy to answer any questions x.The whole Kitchen including appliances cost just under £1000, I was happy because I finally had a pretty Kitchen and my hubby was happy that I hadn’t completely emptied his wallet!