Elegance On Budget: How To Design Your Home Like A Pro While Not Spending Too Much?

Interior design is always an interesting and inspiring source of creativity where you can present your geometrical and designing skills. You can use bottom up top down shades to add more energy and creativity to the design, without spending too much money on these. There are literally hundreds of ideas, the ideas that we have not discovered yet and that are waiting for you!

While you do not discover the rest of them, we have prepared a few ideas for you so you can start with your design! As we said, the best part is that these suggestions will not squeeze you a lot of money from your pocket.

Three color schema is the best design

Combining too many different colors can create a mess and confusion, especially if you have a big space. Of course, not that it is impossible, it just takes a lot of experimenting and time. To make things perfect quickly, stick to three color schema where you use only three colors of shades. It would be rude of us to say use blue to achieve the best design, as you might not like that color.

Best Design For Home
Woman In Her Nice Design Room

Instead, choose a color that you like most and find two additional shades of it. Use the main one for the walls, the second for furniture and the third one for the rest of the things, usually smaller ones. Imagine millions of combinations with different shades, patterns and textures! Try to experiment a bit before you come up with your final decision.

Include plants in your design

Plants add more life to the room and make the space friendlier. You don’t need a palm in your balcony, but rather some easy-maintenance plant to add a bit of natural atmosphere. Some designers like floral decorations, but this requires a lot of maintenance and cannot last as long as the plans can.

You can check what plants are ideal for living rooms or hallways to spark a bit of nature. Snake or spider plants are great for the living room, as these filter benzene, xylene, toluene and other nasty chemicals that are toxic to your body. Buy at least 1-gallon pots to ensure optimal growth to all plants.

Add bowls and statues

Bows, especially the ancient ones, can boost the décor and improve the overall design of the room. Statues, particularly those that have the reflective coating, can add on space of the room and make it lighter.

Bed In Room
Bed In Nice Designed Room

You do not have to buy an expensive statue nor the biggest one, but rather an appropriate one that fits well your space and spice up the atmosphere. Try to place them on the opposite side of the window to get more light in your room during the day. You can also add mirrors as well since there reflect the light and make the room a lot bigger. The mirrors are great to have in the hallway so if you do not have one in it, get on right now!