When Is It The Time To Call A Plumber To Inspect The Piping System?

A lot of plumbing issues can be solved on your own without calling the professional to make the required repairs. This includes cleaning the showerhead, inspecting the valve or even replacing a gasket on your pipes. The gaskets must be replaced accordingly and you should check this site to see what gasket you need for your repair.

However, there are some cases when you cannot do something on your own and therefore you should hire a professional plumber. When is it the time to call the professional plumber to inspect the system and do the repairs?

A water burst from the plumbing system

This is a classic moment when you need to schedule the plumber’s visit. Water starts bursting and ultimately causes the flood in your house. This can cause a lot of side problems and it is the situation when you need to react quickly. Before calling a professional, you can search for any valve that is close to the source of water leak.

A water burst from the plumbing system

Once you locate it, just close it until the handyman comes. If you cannot find any valve that is close to the problem, you can close the main valve of your water system to prevent further leak. After you do this, it is time to call the professionals.

There is no water in the system at all

Very often, water stops flowing for some reason and you do not have any water in your house. Usually, the problem is located in one area that is problematic. However, it may happen that the problem is bigger than it seems. What you can do is to check all the valves and faucets to check if there is water at all.

There is no water in the system at all

It may happen that you do not have hot water, as a heater burns out and cannot heat the water. If that is not a problem, you may face a more serious problem like a problem with the pipes that get water to your house from the street water system. If there is no water at all in your house, you know who you are going to call.

A sewer line leak or bad odors

If the sewer line is blocked, you will probably notice (somewhere around your house) the accumulation of muddy water that has a bad odor. This can also happen in the bathroom when the bathtub/toilet is clogged and water cannot go. You can do this on your own, but is a hard physical work that you probably do not have time to deal with.

Also, you do not have the proper equipment to inspect the sewer line system. For this reason, you can call the plumbing service and explain the problem. Once they to understand the problem, they will try to figure out the possible problem and act accordingly.

If they cannot solve the problem after working on it, you may have to dig the soil to get to the sewer system physically and inspect it manually.