Real Life Fairytale Houses

Fairytales, magic, princesses and fairies is what most little girls love and not just little girls, grown women with 4 children do too…ahem. When I was small I loved to get lost in fairytales, but as much as I loved the stories I loved the houses and Castles too, who wouldn’t want to live in the 7 Dwarfs cottage! As we all know it was the imagination of many a gifted illustrator who created these magical abodes and surely they don’t really exist, do they? As it turns out, yes they do! Ive found the daydreamers alternative to the fairytale versions we all know and love.


Whimsical and wonky houses with marshmallow like walls and milk and chocolate colored tiles, stained glass and leaded windows, hand plastered walls that give a feel like being in a cave, cedar beams, spacious enough, you name it. It is like watching a movie and seeing a home that you really like and saying I want to live in that one. Real life fairytale houses are about living your dream, making your fantasy come true and embarking on an adventure that will last forever. If you can see yourself living in such a house than you can consider yourself lucky.