Modern Gardens Feature

This happened this month, my little garden was featured in Modern Gardens magazine, it put a huge smile on a very tired mummy’s face. I love this Magazine (not only because I was featured in it) but because its great for all, whether your a professional or novice gardener its packed with achievable ways to make your outdoor space beautiful.

Doing simple things like planting seasonal flowers or making one of those amazingly looking vertical gardens can add so much freshness to your outdoor space and make it more comfortable than you could ever possibly imagine. It is simply amazing what people can do if they put their mind to it and with a bit of creativity and idea, there is no limit to what you can achieve. In my case, I just felt like my garden needed a new arrangement so I started planing big but doing small.

Eventually, it turned out that I absolutely have a feel for it and it turned out to be absolutely amazing. I love it, my family love it and now I can’t make my friends go home when they come to my place. Now, in order to make your garden flourish, you need to get some knowledge on what plants and flowers go with what season.

They don’t take a lot of work but seeing them withering away is really sad so the best thing to do is educate yourself about the seasonal plants and flowers. After that, it is all about what you want to do and how much time and effort as well as money you can invest.I especially loved the Laidback Garden Glamping feature, as you know I’m a little Glamping obsessed of late and I got some great fun ideas out of it, I’m definitely trying the floral washing line.

Another feature I enjoyed was the Everything you need to know about Clematis, now I love Clematis, however, it does not love me! I have tried to grow it in my garden but it never really took off…so I’m gonna take on board some of the tips I’ve read and hopefully welcome a new Climbing Clematis into my garden, fingers crossed.The August issue is out now if you haven’t read it yet, grab a cuppa and grab a copy, you’ll be glad you did!