Victorian Hallway Makeover

I Love me a makeover! If I was to describe my home in one word I would say it was Cheery. All the white walls and pops of colour lift my spirit and make me smile, I want to live in a home where sad cant survive which is why I surround myself with as much colour and light as possible, Everybody needs a happy place don’t they?Our hallway was desperately due an update mostly thanks to our adorable Poochon Reggie.

Here he is, now don’t let the fluff fool ya, he may be cute and teddy bear like, but he has the spirit of a lion and the destructive capabilities of a Grizzly Bear and our once carpeted hall did not stand a chance against him, though I must say he may have done me a favour, ive been trying to talk the hubby into wood flooring in there for a while and the demise of the carpet really helped, good boy Reg!

This was my hallway at its worst , my hubby here is busy re routing the radiator from the right wall over to the left, as you can see our hallway is long and narrow which is pretty typical of Victorian Terrace Houses, so not much room to get creative…but you work with what you have.The new floor is Richmond Oak laminate it has a  Floor Board effect and even has little imperfections that you would expect to see from a restored floor board the flooring can be bought from Screwfix im so happy with it.I really didn’t want the radiator to be on show so I decided on a Radiator Cover from B&Q , the cover is expandable and will fit most larger size Radiators, the lamps on top were made by me see Super Easy Non Electric Lamp

With it being the first area I step into when I come home I wanted the hallway to be cheery and welcoming. I needed some sort of storage for coats and bags etc. So I had a shop about but I couldnt find anything I particularly loved, Ive found If I dont LOVE something straight away then I never will, So I thought, Ill just make my own. I found these amazing Victorian style coat hooks at Lavender White , the colours are gorgeous and on a white backdrop they really stand out.

The wood flooring had been delivered on a wooden pallet and well I hate to throw anything away so the pallet was taken apart and I used 2 of the boards as the mount for the hooks, a quick sand and paint later and I really love the finished coat rack, its fun and quirky and adds some colour to the space. The artwork above the hooks was done by me see Easy Water colour Blotch Art and the feltball garland was from Stone and CoI upcycled an old bench as a place for the kiddies to sit when putting their shoes on(im trying to introduce a no shoes in the house beyond the hall rule, we’ll see how long that lasts!) The suitcase under the bench has the kids school shoes in. It is all about how you use the space that is at your disposal.

I myself personally love simple things and I find simplicity to be the best when you need to work something out really quick. Since I love bright colors and spacious design, I thought to myself that it would be really great to put the two together and see how it goes. I took me a while to completely figure out what I wanted to do with the place but after a while, it simply came to me and I saw clearly the things that need to be done.It all turned out how I hoped and I’m really happy with it, but no rest for the wicked, my 2 year old is now ready to leave his cot and go into a big boys bed, which means Boys Bedroom Makeover coming soon!