Christmas Ice Skates Decoration

How fun are these,I had sooo much of a good time decorating these, I had to use polka dots… everything is better with polka dots. These boots would be great hung on a mirror, fireplace even a front door.It’s so much fun to turn an old pair of ice skates into a Christmas decoration using simple materials. It felt like doing a project for school which brought me back to my childhood. It’s probably where I decided to do what I do now. Everything about design has been my passion for as long as I can remember. So, this is nothing new and I love having fun while doing what I love. The color doesn’t matter as most ice skates are white or black.

They rarely come in a different color. You can make special and cute decorations for any occasions using nothing but a glue gun, some fur or stickers or any kind of fabric. There is a lot you can do with these. You can pair it with other toys or use the combination of Christmas tree decorations that go perfectly with the ice skates. Of course, you can go to the store and simply by ones that are already done but I prefer doing things my way simply because I find a lot of pleasure in doing things that way and people love the fact that someone spent some time to make a present for them.

The Ice Skates were a second hand bargain for £5.00 off Ebay , If you fancy giving it a go your gonna need


Polkadot stickers

Red Fabric

Faux fur

Glue gun

At first I thought I would hand paint the polkadots on the boots, but I really wanted a solid circle so I had a little search online and found Polkadot stickers on ebay for £1.99 , for all the materials above including the cost of the boots it was all less than £10.00 , which I think is a pretty good price for something as unique and quirky as this!

First I placed all the polkadot stickers on the boots, I then cut a long length of red fabric around 3 inches wide and created a kind of cuff on the top of the boot, I used the glue gun to fix it in place. Next up I cut a long length of Faux fur at 1 inch wide and glued it to the top of the cuff.Lastly I attached the two boots together with Candy stripe Ribbon, as a finishing touch I popped some faux plant sprays in the top of the boot. Super easy! Of course there’s a thousand different ways you could decorate your own Ice skate boots and If you do decide to give it a go, please tag me on Instagram Id love to see it.