Minimalist Or Maximalist

That title’s a mouthful isn’t it? Bet you can’t say it 5 times fast!…. I could never ever be described as a minimalist, I love to fill my walls, pack my shelves and stuff my pillows, I love the stuff, its the stuff in my home that best shows my personality I am most definitely a Maximalist.A while back when Id just finished my Kitchen Makeover, my cousin/bestie came round for a nosey and as soon as she walked in she said “its beautiful Kelly, but it would drive me crazy, there’s just so much stuff! ” You’ve guessed it my cousin is a minimalist, she was still able to see the beauty in it, but wouldn’t be able to live with it, for her it represented chaos.

When you walk into my cousins home the first thing you’ll see is a small console table with a beautiful glass bowl on top, the bowl is NOT for decoration it is there because it serves a purpose, the bowl is for her Keys and why is the console table there ? Well because she needed a surface for the bowl, everything has to have a job a reason for being. Now I can also see the beauty in that bowl and table, however for me its too little, I am not a less is more kinda person, I have a go big or go home attitude when it comes to decorating, i’ve always been that way.

Different strokes for different folks!So whats the right way to go Minimalist or Maximalist? When my cousin goes home at the end of the day the fullness and stress of her day disappear. As she walks into her home she finds a calmness there, everything’s toned down, stripped bare and this allows her to de-clutter her head, being a Minimalist works for her. When I was doing the hallway makeover , I had a try at going down the minimal route, I wondered if could I live with less?

So I started with a radiator cabinet with a mirror above it,  I stood back and looked down the length of the hallway and I couldn’t bare it, them white walls were mocking me! you know how a writer can be intimidated by a blank page, well that’s me, but with blank walls. Of course I did what I always do and got to work filling them, sighed and felt better instantly, the filling of them walls gave me that cosy, cheery feeling I love. Its a true example of how the environment you live in, the things you surround yourself with or not as the case may be, can have a positive effect on your emotional wellbeing.

After all I think that’s what decorating is all about ‘feeling’. You wouldn’t decorate a space in order to feel bad..would you? You want to feel good when you walk into a room, you want to feel like your home is your haven, your happy place, your escape from the drama that life sometimes brings.  People are doing home improvements for a huge variety of reasons.

Some of them want to increase the value of their homes, others just want to feel good in their living space. Whatever your intention might be, if you feel like making a change, you should do it because obviously, you want it. Sometimes, a simple modification, like changing the position of your furniture can make your living room come alive. Adding a different light or a plant can do miracles too. Home improvement is about you making a statement, expressing your personality and being who you really are. So whether your about the stuff or not, I say just go with what makes you happy! Because why would you want to be anything else?