The Curious Department

The life of a Butterfly is sadly a short one and though in life they grace us with their presence for only a short while The Curious Department, an Independent Interiors Brand and studio in London, find a way to preserve their beauty for evermore. The Curious Departments latest collection Metamorphosis showcases their fascination with Nature, the founders Chris and Ross design and produces limited edition art prints, hand-crafted taxidermy Butterflies, fine bone china and decorative home accessories.

The passion and dedication they both have for their brand are truly evident in the distinctive quality of their designs. The Butterfly above is a Purple Spotted Swallowtail and is only found in the Highlands of New Guinea, having something in my home that I would of likely otherwise never seen is pretty special. My kiddies are fascinated by it, so much so it prompted a little lesson on the life cycle of a butterfly…educational too! It’s worth mentioning that the many different breeds of butterflies are sourced from ethical farms across Europe, Central and South America, Asia and Africa, where they live out their full adult lives, and in death provide local employment, fund schools and healthcare schemes, and generate environmental sustainability.


Now, this is where I draw my inspiration from. I think that everything we need can be found in nature around us. Especially when it comes to any form of art. To me, interior and exterior design is a form of art. To find the necessary inspiration, all I have to do is look around. That is how I realized that butterflies are the best and the only inspiration I need. I can apply it to anything I do.Recently, I have found out that I love making and decorating teapots. Something as simple as a teapot can bring a lot of joy into your home without you even being aware of it. People get a lot of different ideas from what they see around them or on the Internet but not all of them really take their time to stop and think if that is what they really want.


Therefore, I just love to work with people who are having their own genuine ideas. Better yet if they let me work on their ideas as that is the perfect opportunity to take my natural approach and make their home a place of love and warmth. All it takes is a bit of passion and love.So if you’re looking for something a little different, something away from the norm, something that’s sure to get people talking then The Curious Department is the place for you.