Make Your House Futuristic With These 3 Pneumatic Gadgets

Thanks to our technology, we have a lot of improvements today in almost every aspect of our everyday lives. From the 3D printers and cutting edge smartphones, to the pneumatic elevators that are made for residential use.

Yes, you have read it well – pneumatic elevators! These can be even made on your own if you possess enough technical and mechanical knowledge – just look for pneumatic fittings for sale to get your set complete. Now, let’s present a cool innovation that could be commercialized very soon and widely available, as well as some other gadgets that can make your house futuristic.

Pneumatic elevator

Why would you go and climb the stairs when you can enter your second floor through the small capsule that resembles of Star Trek and futuristic concepts? Although not totally commercialized, these elevators can be found and bought for personal use.

Pneumatic elevator for your house
How to choose Pneumatic elevator for your house

Dayton Elevators are the original designers of this elevator that uses compressed air for moving up and down. They are made of glass (tube) and a pneumatic system that runs it. You enter the small cab like a phone booth and it uses nothing but the air to move you up and down.

These pneumatic tubes have been sitting useless for decades until someone came to an idea to make an elevator that uses nothing but the air for operating. The goal is to reduce the electricity use, as the elevator could spend a lot of electricity, while the air pump would consume at least half of that power just to run the whole system.

Pneumatic food dispenser 

Although this is mainly focused on restaurants and commercial places where food is delivered to a customer, pneumatic food dispenser could change our way of moving the trays and food. An air pump pumps the air and moves the plates from one place to another, without the interaction of human.

This means that you can automate your kitchen by using only a single switch that runs everything. Of course, you would have to arrange and place food, but once you place it, the system will move it around your kitchen to get it at the place where it needs to be.

This system was developed solely for commercial restaurants to make the food preparation more efficient and automated, but it is likely that this system will become available for residential purpose. 

Pneumatic blender

Yes, you can connect your food blender to this system and use the pure air to run it crush your food! Though the system is actually an adaptation and it is not available in commercial use, the concept is interesting and outreaches the already existing blenders.

Pneumatic blender
Industrial Pneumatic blender

First because of the power consumption and then because of the stronger force that can provide unlike the regular blender. Of course, it would be required to do some modifications on the blender before you adapt this system, but the overall results are stunning. We will see whether this system will be used more frequently in the future.