Roofing Tools That Are Essential For The Work

Roofing, like any other work, requires having the essential tools that will help you to complete work efficiently. We have spoken to the guys from superior roofing va who decided to help us with listing the tools that you should not forget to buy before you start your roofing project. Whether you are a professional company or you work on DIY projects, do buy these and add them to your equipment for roofing.

A hammer

As this is a part of the construction industry, it is natural to have a hammer in your toolset. However, this is not an ordinary hammer that you usually use, but rather a specialized tool that makes the job easier. Yes, no one says that you cannot complete work without this particular type, but rather that you will easier and faster complete the work.

Repairing Roof
Building contractor putting the asphalt roofing on a large commercial apartment building

Besides the classic nailing, you can remove the nails, removing the material as well as picking the edged surfaces with the sharp part of the hammer. The price is not a big deal – some $40 will be enough to buy a decent multi-purpose hammer for your roofing projects. Look for it in any hardware store.

A shovel

We do not talk about the regular shovel you use in your garden, though that one can do well also. We are talking about the roofing shovel that will enable you to remove shingles, remove nails or even scrub the moss that is stuck in the gutters or on tiles.

It is a triangular blade that solves many issues, whether you work on a completely new roof or on the repair of the existing one. There are models that you can disassemble and pack, so it becomes small and can fit in almost any bag or the repair box.

Utility knife

Over the course of work, you will cut down wires, stripe the isolation maybe or cut shingles and prepare the insulation layer in the exact measures. Instead of using a razor blade, the utility knife can solve these issues.

Roofer Using Hammer
Man Using Hammer For Repairing The Roof

The best part is that comes with many blades and attachments, which means you could cut wire, stripe or scrape. Try to find one with a fiberglass grip to ensure yourself comfort and durability of the handle, as the wooden ones could fall apart after some time of regular use. A good utility knife would cost you around $50, including the multiple attachments and blades.


As there will be measuring and precise cutting, make sure to buy chalks. These are small and can be placed in the toolbox or even in your pocket.

When you need to align two elements, you cannot use a pencil as you won’t be able to see the marks. Instead, use chalk. Chalk stays on the roof clays or shingles and will serve you like the guidance when you measure things and prepare for placing or cutting.

Staple gun and nails

While you can use hammers to install nails, it is more convenient to use a staple gun to place these correctly. This tool is especially useful when you have so many staples to place, which would take a lot of time to nail these manually. An electrical staple gun is the best choice probably, or pneumatic one as well.