Styling Your Kitchen Shelves

I do love a good selfie! The above picture is of the open shelves I have in my kitchen, Id like to say that each piece was meticulously chosen to create this look….but I’m not that organised, in truth, the first thing I decided was, which colours would I like to see in my kitchen? that was easy…i’m a pastel kinda girl so pinks, blues and pale green was top of the list with pops of red and of course polka dots, I can’t lie polka dots make me happy!I will not hide that this year the hottest trend is pastel and it is taking over the entire design industry by storm.

Well, that is only to my delight as I absolutely adore such bright tones and I love how vibrant they are. Since I will be spending some time in my kitchen, it might as well be colored the way I like it as that would make me really happy. The colors and tones in your home affect your mood greatly so the more bright tones, the better. I take this styling job absolutely seriously but still, I get to have fun too.

I wanted my kitchen to make me smile, I wanted it to be a cheery place where I could cook and bake with the kids and dance away to the radio. I have figured out while renovating our house that I actually need colour around me, I have noticed that when I’m in dark surroundings I feel very uncomfortable but put me in a light bright environment and my mood completely changes, my favourite colour is Pink ( I know…big shock, right?) I read up a little on this and I came across something called Colour Psychology and did you know that studies have shown that Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies and alleviates anger and anxiety…..true story! If there was ever a reason to go Pink then that should be it!

When you have a small kitchen like mine, adding cupboards can add bulk and make the whole area feel much smaller and constricted, open shelves do the opposite. I’ve done a little research on whats available on the market right know for those of you who want to create a similar kitchen shelfie with the colour palette I’ve used.I’m such a sucker for Pretty! all the above are right up my street and if your reading my Blog then I’m guessing you are too, lucky for us Pretty Pastels are quite big at the moment and most of the big and small stores are stocking them. I could have searched online for hours and hours but at some point, I do have to eat, so I’m off to my very girly kitchen to do just that!